Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's all about art

In June 2008, on a trip to Florida with our favorite Payne girls, I helped Abby paint her own cereal bowl - complete with her hand print in the center of the bowl. She had a blast doing it, as did I!

Fast forward to October 2011, and I desperately was wanting to do this again - this time with Reagan and Blaire. A couple of times our plans got changed and I was afraid it wasn't going to happen. Until Papa Doc and Gramercy came into town and offered to be the helping hands I needed to have to make this happen! We were off to All About Art here in Enterprise - one of our favorite places to go! An hour after entering, the girls had painted (complete with hand print inside) their own ceramic bowl. Stay tuned for a future post to see the finished products!

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