Thursday, June 30, 2011

"This is the last time...."

Last night was Abby's second official slumber party at our house and it was a blast! After church, we took one of her best buds (Denesa) home with us and the two had the best time. When we got home it was already time for PJs and bed. They had a little sneak peak of a mermaid movie before their eyes were drooping and the first major mistake of the night was made - I suggested they go on and lay down in the bed. Almost two hours later (and after several "This is the last time I tell you girls to be quiet") the last giggle was giggled, the last laugh was laughed, the last story was told, the last toy was tossed, the last pillow was thrown and the last joke was told. The two of them crashed and crashed hard - until 5 AM when they were both up and ready to face the day! They had a great morning of playing, crafting and laughing with each other before Denesa's grandmother came to get her at noon. We had a great time with Denesa and Abby's already asking about the next slumber party!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sydney - this side of the equator

During dinner last night we got one of the best phone calls from one of our old next door neighbors - Sydney! She wanted to know if we were up for some company today and we immediately told her to come on over! After her mom dropped her off this morning, we played games, had a birthday lunch (Sydney just celebrated her 11th birthday!), played with the babies, sang, danced, painted, crafted and lots lots more! She hung out with us until church time tonight and it was a great day! Even though we don't live next door anymore, it's nice to still spend the day with our Syd! Love ya kiddo!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family Fun

Tonight was Family Night for VBS and it was soooo great! There was a church full of people supporting the children, teachers, workers and staff that put so much time and energy into making the last week possible. Every year Providence hosts this event where children get into the Bible with stories, music, crafts and fun and find out all about Jesus and his love for us. This year was no exception! Although all of the children that participated in VBS couldn't make it to Family Night, those that did treated the congregation to songs, scripture and lots of smiles! It was a great night and we were definitely part of the "Proud Parents" club!

Friday, June 24, 2011

I (heart) NYC...and VBS!

This week was VBS at Providence and it was a BLAST! From Monday morning til Friday afternoon we learned about faith, trust, obedience, love, helping others and Jesus Christ. There were tons of our friends that were working, helping, teaching and making this week the success it was! A special shout out to a couple of groups: (1) Tina and two were wonderful teachers in Abby's class! You brought her "VBS Happiness" back and we are thankful for you both! God loves you and so do we! (2) Paula D, Bethenney F, Julia C, Betty C, and Scrappy - I couldn't have asked for a better week....what a hoot! Thanks for letting me (Rachael) join your adventure...I'd be willing to bet that more fun was had in Midtown Snacks than ever before, LOL! Here are a few pics and fun from this week...enjoy checking them out as much as we enjoyed experiencing them!

P.S. - Join us this Sunday (June 26th) for Family Night at PBC. It is at 5 PM and the children will be showing off their songs, moves, verses and lessons from the past week. You will also get to tour the new PBC educational building and enjoy dinner in Fellowship Hall!
Hope to see you there!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gonna say Y-E-S to V-B-S

Summer time hosts one of our favorite events around here - Vacation Bible School! And this year, it's doubly fun because not only is there one VBS that Abby gets to go to, there's two! Last week, our friends at County Line Baptist Church hosted their annual VBS. This year it was Group's "Hometown Nazareth" and Abby absolutely loved it! It was a family style VBS where all ages were welcome to join in on the classes and activities and it was so cool! Since we weren't able to go with Abby (because of the babies and Youth VBS at our church), we were fortunate enough to have some good family friends that were going and offered to let Abby go with them! A huge shout out to Patti, Woody and Lynnsie Wood for making it possible for Abby to have such a wonderful week! She love love loved it...going to the market place, going to Mary's house, learning about Jesus as a kid, and especially that songs!

After a week of VBS at County Line, we began our big week of VBS at our church, Providence Baptist in Clayhatchee. This year, our VBS is Lifeway's Big Apple Adventure. It's all about New York City and it truly is a big adventure where faith, trust, love and life connect! While Eric's at work, Abby's in the 4 year old class (with Miss Tina and Miss Cindy) and Barbara and the twins are working in the kitchen (a.k.a. Midtown Snacks). It already promises to be a great week and we can't wait! Stay tuned for more of our big adventure this week!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Girls

"The greatest gift I ever had,
came from God - I call him Dad."

(Author Unknown)

There are several fathers in our lives that we wish a wonderful Father's Day to, but one in particular holds the hearts of all of us in our home. Happy Father's Day, Eric! We love you!

Starting Summer in the Sun

We wrote a couple of weeks ago about Barbara heading south to the beach with the girls for her CLE course and mentioned Eric's was coming up soon....this weekend was it! On Thursday we packed up (one suitcase - ha!) and headed to Sandestin. We were put up at the Luau - one of our favorite places down there - and enjoyed a weekend full of everything you can imagine! On Thursday we ended up on the beach at a family portrait session (the pic we got - yes, only one...but a good one of all of us on the dunes - will be here shortly and you'll love it!) then off to one of our fav restaurants. On Friday Eric headed off to morning classes and afternoon golf with Papa Doc while we girls grabbed Gramercy and went swimming and lunching! On Friday night Eric had a date with Abby (and created Maddie) and then joined us all for a family dinner at Poppys....lobster anyone? Or how about a deluxe seafood bucket - ha! On Saturday we were beach bound while Eric had to complete the last of his classes. Then we met up with Aunt Kimberly and Uncle Jeff who came into town with Logan and Carter for the next week...dinner, hanging out, zip lines, trampolines and more! On Sunday we ended our vacay with the most scrumpdidliumpcious b'fast at Another Broken Egg Cafe and headed home....we are a Florida family (how can you not be when 2 of you were born there, ha!) and can't wait until the next time the beach calls our name!!!!!! Beach or bust, baby!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shave and a Hair Cut...2 bits!

Today the twins got their first hair cut! We've been watching their hair grow for a while and the ends were already getting a bit scraggly looking so we thought an inch or so off the back of each girl would not only look better, but will feel cooler for the summer. Aunt Carol was nice enough to say that she'd give them their first hair cut and we couldn't have been happier! We went over to her house earlier this afternoon and she had her "salon" all set up in the sun room. We started with Reagan and she was a perfect customer while getting her new do. However, it was too good to be true that Blaire would be the same. She was too interested in how and what Aunt Carol was doing and we ended up putting her on my lap, face down, to get the cut done. But both girls now look great and are ready to take their new dos out on the town!



It's That Time of Year

It's that time of year....VBS! This year at Providence, instead of just offering VBS to the children (ages 3- 6th grade) we got the gumption to have a youth VBS the week before the children's VBS...and it was awesome! We've been a bit out of the blogging world for the past few days because we have been jam packing multiple days into single days and there hasn't hardly been any moments to rest much less blog! Each night this week from about 6-8, we've had the community youth come up to the church and we've not only had a Big Apple Adventure, but we made a few adventures of our own. Thanks to Veda Godwin (for nightly dinners), Aunt Julia/Uncle Lomax (for using the barn), Aunt Carol/Ra Ra (for using the pool), Courtney/Derek/Andrea/Shelby (for helping), we had an awesome week! Averaging 20 each night it was awesome! God showed up and showed us that when we put out faith in him, the treasures we receive are huge and wonderful!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Standing Tall

"What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what kind of a person you are."
(C. S. Lewis)

It's happened....we finally have a stander in the family! Well, we've had three standers for a while now (some of us longer than others - ha!) but today Reagan officially showed off her skills of how she can stand without holding on to step - walking without holding onto anything! Watch out world!

Fairy Tale Ending

Take one friend's fairy birthday party, add in an Abby Cadabby costume, a little bit of pixie dust, a ceramic frog, a memory full of all the princess quotes from Tiana and Snow White about how to catch your princess, one big wish and VOILA! This is what you get:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday fun days

Well, it's Friday and you know where that means you can find the pool! Our weekly date with Courtney and Derek snuck up on us and we weren't even out of our PJs when they came by ready to swim today, ha! But they are awesome with our girls and within minutes everyone was changed, lathered with sunscreen and heading out the door! All kidding aside, Derek and Courtney have been married almost a couple of years now and although they are waiting for children, they will be wonderfully loving parents. They are the kind of hands on people that are completely comfortable with children and just love all over them! It's awesome! And today was no exception - lunch, swimming, playing and lots of fun! (Especially for Abby who not only wore Derek down by being thrown around the pool but then found some cheerleaders that were willing to throw her in tons of basket tosses!)