Thursday, June 30, 2011

"This is the last time...."

Last night was Abby's second official slumber party at our house and it was a blast! After church, we took one of her best buds (Denesa) home with us and the two had the best time. When we got home it was already time for PJs and bed. They had a little sneak peak of a mermaid movie before their eyes were drooping and the first major mistake of the night was made - I suggested they go on and lay down in the bed. Almost two hours later (and after several "This is the last time I tell you girls to be quiet") the last giggle was giggled, the last laugh was laughed, the last story was told, the last toy was tossed, the last pillow was thrown and the last joke was told. The two of them crashed and crashed hard - until 5 AM when they were both up and ready to face the day! They had a great morning of playing, crafting and laughing with each other before Denesa's grandmother came to get her at noon. We had a great time with Denesa and Abby's already asking about the next slumber party!

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