Sunday, June 19, 2011

Starting Summer in the Sun

We wrote a couple of weeks ago about Barbara heading south to the beach with the girls for her CLE course and mentioned Eric's was coming up soon....this weekend was it! On Thursday we packed up (one suitcase - ha!) and headed to Sandestin. We were put up at the Luau - one of our favorite places down there - and enjoyed a weekend full of everything you can imagine! On Thursday we ended up on the beach at a family portrait session (the pic we got - yes, only one...but a good one of all of us on the dunes - will be here shortly and you'll love it!) then off to one of our fav restaurants. On Friday Eric headed off to morning classes and afternoon golf with Papa Doc while we girls grabbed Gramercy and went swimming and lunching! On Friday night Eric had a date with Abby (and created Maddie) and then joined us all for a family dinner at Poppys....lobster anyone? Or how about a deluxe seafood bucket - ha! On Saturday we were beach bound while Eric had to complete the last of his classes. Then we met up with Aunt Kimberly and Uncle Jeff who came into town with Logan and Carter for the next week...dinner, hanging out, zip lines, trampolines and more! On Sunday we ended our vacay with the most scrumpdidliumpcious b'fast at Another Broken Egg Cafe and headed home....we are a Florida family (how can you not be when 2 of you were born there, ha!) and can't wait until the next time the beach calls our name!!!!!! Beach or bust, baby!

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