Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday fun days

Well, it's Friday and you know where that means you can find the pool! Our weekly date with Courtney and Derek snuck up on us and we weren't even out of our PJs when they came by ready to swim today, ha! But they are awesome with our girls and within minutes everyone was changed, lathered with sunscreen and heading out the door! All kidding aside, Derek and Courtney have been married almost a couple of years now and although they are waiting for children, they will be wonderfully loving parents. They are the kind of hands on people that are completely comfortable with children and just love all over them! It's awesome! And today was no exception - lunch, swimming, playing and lots of fun! (Especially for Abby who not only wore Derek down by being thrown around the pool but then found some cheerleaders that were willing to throw her in tons of basket tosses!)

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