Friday, June 3, 2011

Three Cheers for Friday

Hip hip hooray for pool parties!
If you are reading this and are anywhere near southeast Alabama, you are hot. Very hot. With temps reaching into (and over) the 100 degree mark lately, and no rain in sight, it doesn't take long for you to decide that a pool party is a must! Today, some of our best buds, Derek and Courtney, came to join us for a dip in the pool. Our three girls are water fanatics and today both Reagan and Abby were cracking up when thrown all over the pool. Yea for pool parties!

Hip hip hooray for cousins!
Our newest family member, little Ethan, is a little over 2 weeks old and is simply adorable. This afternoon we headed over to the Bryant's house to get lots more snuggle time! And, it was the first time that Abby got to actually see Ethan in person! As soon as she saw him, she said "Oh he's just so cute!" and couldn't wait to get her hands on him! We are so happy that he's a member of our family! Yea for baby Ethan!

Hip hip hooray for birthdays!
We are on a birthday train lately and now that we've celebrated Blaire's, Reagan's and Eric's, it was time to move on to the next one. Eric's brother, Aaron, has a birthday this month as well and we celebrated it with him at dinner and then after with dessert and presents. Yea for A's birthday celebration!

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