Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shining Stars

We've heard that friends are a lot like don't have to actually see them all the time to know that they are always there! And that's about how we feel about our close friends....we love the stars in our lives! About lunch time, the Miller family came over and we all went swimming. That family has basically become like family to us and we are so thankful for their friendship. It was cracking me up to see the girls all playing together - especially when Abby decided to try out Kismet's flippers - no matter how much we told her she needed to be careful when she was walking, she had to try them out for herself, and promptly busted her bottom. With just a sniffle and funny frown shown, she was back up and having a ball at the pool.

However, our pool time was cut short today for good reason! One of our close family friends, Mary Frances, had called this morning to say she'd be driving through town and would love to visit! We haven't seen MFF since the fall of 2009 so needless to say, we were all excited about her visit! She is not only one of our Class of 2002 Cumberland alumni, she is also a proud member of the "I was in the Wade Wedding...finally!" party, ha ha! She was there from the get go of not only our relationship, but has also been a part of all of our family crisis, drama, life, family, kiddos, and homes....and we couldn't wait to spend the afternoon with her. And thankfully, she didn't get upset when we made her turn the afternoon into the entire day, ha! MFF, we love you and loved your visit! Hope to see you again soon!

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