Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seminars and Sunshine

If you are a lawyer, one thing you hate to be reminded off are the dreaded CLEs. Each year, an attorney in the state of Alabama has to go through 12 hours of Continuing Legal Education in order to keep their license current and in good standing with the Alabama State Bar. It's no fun sitting for hours in a classroom undergoing a boring seminar...but what is fun is finding a CLE that is not only interesting but at an interesting locale! And that's how Wade & Wade, Attorneys at Law, work it! Ha! Today I headed down to Sandestin for the 25th Annual "Divorce at the Beach" CLE hosted by the Family Law Section of the ASB. As always, it was a great seminar! But today was a bit more special because I was able to enjoy the seminar, knowing that my three love bugs weren't almost 2 hours away but rather 20 yards away - swimming and hanging out pool side where the seminar was held. Thanks to the help from Eric's mom, Angie, we were all able to head down to the beach, enjoy a scrumpdidliumpcious breakfast, hang out pool side, attend some seminars, head to the beach, grab a beach side dinner and make it home safe and sound just in time for goodnight kisses!

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