Saturday, January 29, 2011

Practice makes perfect

Here we are, five days away from Abby's 4th birthday and she is ready for what she has called her "practice birthday" all day! Since her birthday doesn't fall on a weekend this year, we are did a little bit of the partying early! This morning, Papa Doc and Gramercy stayed at home with Reagan and Blaire while we went and took Abby to get her ears pierced! Yep, you heard right...her ears pierced! She started talking about that a few months ago and we decided that she was old enough to get it done. (Although her earrings stay in our bathroom and she knows she can't take them out - after the initial ones can come out that is - unless we are with her.) She was such a rock star during the major tears, fussing or complaining. She said that her ears hurt for a little while but less than an hour after the piercing, she told Eric "My ears don't hurt anymore at all!" She was all smiles! Since the piercing store was in the Mall where her favorite merry-go-round is, she got four rides (in honor of turning four)...the reindeer, the white horse, the elephant and the dragon! After a nap on the ride home, we all got into our party clothes and headed to Abby's favorite restaurant, Santa Fe (where you throw peanuts on the floor!). There were several of our close friend and family there joining us - 20 in all - and we had a wonderful dinner which included a big YEE HAW from the wait staff bringing birthday wishes and dirt cake! Then we headed back home where the birthday girl got a slew of presents and after partying the night away (she got to stay awake an hour longer than normal) she went to bed one happy soon-to-be four year old!

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