Monday, January 3, 2011

Shoot me

Today we were back at the pediatrician's office. Knock on wood, the twins haven't gotten any of the germs that we've had all over our house now for over a week. With all the rest of us still coughing and feeling a little cruddy, Reagan and Blaire were just going for another one of their monthly Synergis shots. This was their fourth shot out of the six shots they will get. Dr. Mac said they were looking great!! Right now their weights are doing pretty good as well: Reagan - 14 pounds, 15 ounces; Blaire - 15 pounds, 15 ounces. They are still no where near their birth age weight/height, but for corrected age, they are doing OK...still a bit on the small side but we are thrilled with the growth they are showing each month. At today's appointment, Dr. Mac suggested they both get a flu shot as well - with it running rampant around our hometown (and possibly our house), we agreed. The girls did NOT like that idea at was the worst shot appointment they've had since birth. Poor girls. But, for a reward, they got to hang out with one of our BFFS (Ms. Veda) and go to California Yogurt Kraze. Alright, alright, really that was a reward for the rest of us but it was a great way to end the day...the Wade women and the Godwin women out on the town! Made a rough doctor's appointment completely worth it!

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