Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Tonight was the night - the twins' first high school football game experience....and it was awesome! One of the perks of being youth director, is that you get invited to watch youth members play football, cheer, band concerts, school lunches, etc. This afternoon the girls were able to get a great nap (almost 4 hours - wow!) and we knew they were ready for some fun. After sending Abby off to a slumber party, the twins headed out to the Wicksburg High School football game. We teamed up with the Mills and Nowell families and spend the next couple of hours cheering, clapping and having a blast. Blaire and Reagan loved it all! It was a bit unusual that it took Reagan the longest time to warm up to the idea of cheering...she's usually the most social. But it was Blaire that took off tonight - getting super excited to the point she was about to jump out of the stands, ha! I am still not sure what she liked the best - the game, the cheerleaders, the band, the mascot or the company we were around. They really had a great time and are already counting down the days to our big family night out at the Enterprise High School game next month!

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