Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Old McDonald Had A Farm...

As you know, Abby attends Miss Eloise Preschool and Kindergarten in Enterprise, Alabama. She absolutely loves the school, the students and the teachers (Ms. Ramona and Ms. Meloni). However, now there is something else she loves...the field trips! Today was the September field trip for the class. It was to the New Brockton Farm Center where Auburn University hosted a bunch of information regarding farm animals, planting food, etc. Most of the fun was all around the animals of the event...horses, cows, calves, goats, bunnies, pigs, chicks, etc. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was for the children to run around checking everything out. Abby had a blast! And, Blaire and Reagan did too! They were able to join Abby and her classmates today and really had fun! We happened to call Nana (Eric's mom, Angie) earlier this morning to ask if she wanted to ride out there with us...and thank goodness she did because as much fun as the event was, it was a mad house! She kept watch over the twins while I went with Abby and her friends. All in all, it was a successful event and Abby's still talking about it...and I'm sure the Auburn volunteers are still talking about how some woman brought her babies into the event wearing "BAMA" shirts, ha ha!

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