Saturday, August 28, 2010

Batter Up

With the summer closing down, baseball comes to an end and football gets a kick start...yet we find ourselves playing a game of not just catch, but rather catch up! It's been two weeks since we last shared the moments of our lives with you and although we'd love to say that it won't happen again, chances are it'll happen with the next post, ha! The past few weeks were definitely a whirlwind around here and it doesn't seem like it's going to slack off anytime soon...but that's just what we like - it's definitely game time! And as most games go, there is always a recap at the end to hit the are a few of our highlights from the last 2 weeks:

Monday, August 16th -
Reagan and Blaire got to meet Dr. Sugg for the first time and they loved him! Especially the part where he commented on how gorgeous they were and how there is no ROP evidence so as much as he'd love to see their cute little faces in his office again, they are cleared from any more visits until April! Way to go girls! And way to go to the Big Sister who went with me to the appointment...the four Wade women managed to make it to the appointment ourselves on time and we were all cleaned, bathed, fed and dressed on top of that, ha! And it was also on this day that we celebrated the fact that 7 years ago, Eric got down on one knee and asked Barbara to marry him...the best decision he, I mean we, ever made - LOL!

Wednesday, August 18th -
Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, August 19th -
A big day for all of our girls! First, Reagan and Blaire headed off to the pediatrician for another preemie check up. They have grown so much since coming home 6 weeks ago. Right now they are both about 20 inches long; Blaire weighs 9 pounds, 1 and 1/2 ounces...Reagan weighs 8 pounds, 1 ounce. And it was time for vaccinations as well. The doc said they may get irritable - they did. The doc said they may have funky eating habits - they did. The doc said they may sleep a lot - they didn't. LOL! And then it was off to Back-to-school shopping for Little Miss Abby! She outgrew almost every pair of shoes she the last 2 months she's grown so much and we are so proud of her!

Saturday, August 21st -
Abby was able to get out and about and go t
o one of her favorite places...Aunt Heather's house for Cousin Whitney's 5th Birthday party! It was so much fun...she had cake, presents, the pool, the water slide and lots of loved ones celebrating the big day with her!

Monday, August 23rd -
School's back!!!! It was the first day of school
for Abby. She is a proud member of the Duck Class at First United Methodist Church Mom's Day Out/Stepping Stones PreSchool in Enterprise, AL. And she love love loves it! Her favorite part: the teachers are the same ones from last year! You would have thought when Abby heard that she would have flown thru the roof she jumped so high in excitement! She loves her school...but sadly, this is the last year for her there at FUMC...although we know she is going to thoroughly enjoy it! (On a side note...Reagan loved having the peace and quiet around the house...Blaire hated it - she wanted Abby back ASAP and wasn't happy that day until her Big Sister was home!)

Tuesday, August 24th -
After joining their parents for a special "walk" in Enterp
rise, the twins got into their first argument...over who was going to date their newest friend first, LOL! Our friends, Chad and Christy, gave birth to their son, Jace Chandler, on July week prior to the twins due date. So it's really easy for us to remember their corrected age - we just think about Jace!

Wednesday, August 25th -
Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, August 26th - We sold our house and bought a new one!!!!! We are pretty sure this bit of news will require it's own posting so we'll just leave it at that and come back to it in a little while! But before we leave it alone, I'll just tell you - we are one happy family!!!!!!

So...that pretty much catches you up on the last few days...we'll try our best to be a bit more timely with our updates but since this is just our first strike, it's back to the playfield for us!

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