Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh Baby, Baby!

Humor us for a minute and think about someone in your life that you know how they are going to act, or react, before something even happens to them. You know if they are going to be surprised (pleasantly or sometimes rather unpleasantly), you know if they are going to try and make it all about them (in times when quite frankly, it simply is not), you know if they are going to be supportive (or not), and you know if they are going to accept it (or not). In this house, we can pretty much tell you how Abby is going to react to something - and sometimes we can even tell you what she is going to say. For example, there are several phrases that we know are coming before she even says them: "Just the light, right Daddy?", "Did he say bodies?", "Is it water detectives?", "When I'm done, I'll tell you I'm done.", "Let's surf." We've now been home from the hospital with the twins for a little over 5 weeks and Abby has been a wonderful Big Sister. Visitors that see her comment a lot on how much she has physically grown in these last 5 weeks but it is her emotional and mental growth that impresses us. Before we brought Reagan and Blaire home, people would give us horror stories about bringing a younger sibling (or two) into the house - but Abby has handled it like a pro! In the first few weeks, every couple of days, she had a slight potty accident - she's been potty trained since she was 2 years old so we knew these accidents were definitely a sign of her reacting to all the redirected attention by family and friends. However, that's been the only negative we've seen with us changing the family dynamic. She really does constantly impress us. If she isn't helping, playing, reading, or talking with her sisters, she's doing it with her dolls. She practices bathing, diaper changes, feeding, etc. with her little babies. The one thing we've been waiting for is for her to decide instead of playing WITH a baby, she wants to BE a baby...after these 5 weeks - the wait is over! She absolutely cracked us up last night playing like she was a baby was all pretend with crying, whining, trying to use a pacifier, etc. but then she got the news that she was actually going to get to do something that the babies do...and when she heard what it was - you should have seen her face. In fact, we think you should...hope you get a giggle out of it as we did!

PS - And before you ask, the acting like a baby only lasted about 45 minutes. The remainder of the night she was back to being the "3 1/2 going on 13" year old that we know and love!

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