Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fore his girls

Although "Date Day" wasn't supposed to start until this afternoon, it actually began at midnight this morning. If you live anywhere around us and you've ever been around Abby in a thunderstorm, you understand why it began almost 12 hours earlier than planned. When the bottom fell out of the sky a little after midnight, Abby was awake. And so were Blaire and Reagan. All three were not enjoying the early morning's activities. But wanna know who was asleep? Mommy! Daddy spent the first 2 hours of the day taking care of three of his girls while his fourth was sound asleep - and enjoying every second of it! When morning was officially here, the rain continued but the thunderstorms were over. By mid afternoon, the rain became a drizzle and Abby and Eric headed out to the golf course for a trip to the driving range and a half round of 9 holes. It was "fore" sure a great day!

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