Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The mother of all support

Attention and and all Moms out there...this one's for you. I (Barbara) belong to an organization that is called "Mom's Club: Moms Offering Moms Support." There is a local chapter in Enterprise, Alabama and more than likely another one where you live. It is a support group designed for at-home moms (but those of us that work can still participate!). There are monthly meetings and tons of activities for the kiddos during the week. But it wasn't the meetings or the activities that make me give this shout out to our chapter...it's the food! Ha! When a club member has a baby, the Mom's Club brings food to the mother for the first two weeks they are home. So, even though the twins were born in May, when we got home on July 6th, the meals started. And they were AWESOME! Scrumpdidliumpcious girls!!! Every day these gals have called to check on me, sent me emails, brought our family warm meals and most importantly, loved us. THANK YOU! And see you at the next Mom's Night Out!

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