Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tell me the news

Some people dread going to the doctor - thankfully we have an awesome pediatrician for our girls and don't have to worry about anything when we are in her hands! The twins met Dr. Mac for the first time today and got a glowing report. Blaire is now up to 6 pounds and Reagan up to 5 pounds. Dr. Mac told us a few things about the next couple of months: (1) R&B will be going back to the Doc's office every 2 weeks until about the end of August - for routine checkups and making sure they are tolerating life outside of the NICU (2) R&B both will have to have a follow up MRI to verify no bleeding on the brain (3) R&B both have to have a follow up appointment with a Pediatric Opthamologist to check RPO (4) Reagan needs an ultrasound of her hips since she was in the breech position prior to delivery. We are in the process of setting up all these appointments but were extrememly pleased to see Dr. Mac with the twins and know that they'll love her just as much as Abby does. And speaking of Abby, she was in Heaven today. Her Jess came to babysit while we took the twins to Dothan (FYI: the girls are not allowed out of the house for at least 2 months - possibly 3 - except for doctor's appointments). They had a great time outside and inside. It had been a while since those 2 had gotten together and when they do, you had better watch out! Ha!

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