Monday, July 26, 2010

There's HOPE out there

When watching TV in the middle of the night (a hobby you tend to pick up when there are two newborns in your house that require midnight and early morning feedings) there are only a few choices for your viewing pleasure: Infomercials, Cheers, Three's Company, Law & Order or Nancy Grace. Since we have no desire to see if "it really works" and we've watched probably every episode of late night TV reruns, and can't even stand the sound of Nancy's voice, the only remaining choice is commercial surfing. One of the best commercials out there now is from McDonalds. If you haven't seen it, imagine the following setting: Children getting Happy Meals from McDonalds - a voice over saying something new is now in the Happy Meals - kiddos looking in the boxes trying to see what's in there - the voice over saying the Happy Meals now include "Hope." Every time you buy a Happy Meal at McDonald's a portion of the proceeds go to one of their charitable foundations: Ronald McDonald House. Ronald McDonald Houses around the world offer families a way to stay together, in proximity to the treatment hospital, and be comfortable and cared for during their stay. And it is at little or no cost. When we were in Pensacola, I was released from the hospital on May 17th. Yet the twins remained patients until July 6th. Our dilemma: Where and how to stay in Pensacola - close to the twins - since (1) we live almost 2 hours away from Pensacola and (2) staying at a hotel would have cost us thousands of dollars. We were fortunate enough to have been granted the chance to stay at a room at the RMH in Pensacola. We were given a private room with 2 queen size beds, a crib and changing table, a private shower and bathroom, and access to free food, free entertainment, WiFi, activities, weekly gift bags and an insane amount of support and love from the staff and other guests. The house and programming is all funded by individuals, organizations and businesses. And yes, your local McDonald's restaurant! So, next time you are at McDonald's and think you'll get a combo meal, we're asking you to change your decision and order a Happy Meal instead - even doing it just that one time contributes to helping other families receive what we were so blessed to have experienced.


  1. I love this post. Also, it makes me feel a little less guilty for all the happy meals my kids ate while we were on vacation!

  2. (Right hand raised) We do solemnly promise to d our part and contribute to the RMH :)