Saturday, November 27, 2010

All tangled up

Ever since Abby went to her first movie in the theater this summer (Toy Story 3 - where she saw the trailer for "Tangled") she's been wanting to go back to the movies. When I heard the Drive In was playing the movie, we set the plan into action! Although the original plan was to go on Thanksgiving night, we all zonked out and fell asleep planned another night instead. And what a night it was! While Eric stayed home with the twins, on a cold and somewhat -rainy night, I took Abby to see the movie. It was great! The rain stopped as we pulled into the Drive In and we turned on the radio, turned on the heat, settled in and enjoyed the show! Although she started off in the passenger seat (in her booster so she could see - ha!), she eventually made it over to my lap and we snuggled under the blanket laughing all night long! What a GREAT Mommy and Daughter date night!

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