Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Mommy Moment

The one question I get every week is "How do you do it?" I come up with lots of silly little answers ("Prozac helps." "Do what?" etc.) but the truth is, I've got the biggest supporter out there. And, yes, Eric is my biggest fan (especially when he's the one that asks "How do you do it?" Ha!) but there's someone else out there that gets me through every minute, every hour, every day. He reminds me constantly that "“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” When I'm weak, injured, in need, being persecuted, in distress...He's there, He's strong, He's in His glory. At least once a day (especially on days like Wednesday when I'm home alone with all three girls from morning til night), when I feel like I need a little Mommy Time, I find myself saying a prayer and no kidding, something always comes through. Some days it's a neighbor, some days it's a visitor, some days it's extra patience I find deep down, some days it's a phone call from a friend, some days it's just a realization that all three are napping at the same time, and some times it's God showing His power through funny and crazy ways. That's my Mommy Moment for today that I want to share with just happened minutes ago. All three girls are up from their naps and have all had their afternoon snack (there was milk and grits going around...I'll let you guess who got what, ha!). Both Blaire and Reagan are basically outgrowing their baby bouncy seats, but aren't quite old enough to sit up in our play station activity center. They were both sitting propped up in the big leather living room chair and were doing fine. Abby was coloring at her play table a few feet away. There was peace in the house. Then the cries started. And wouldn't stop. Both babies were fed, clean and comfy so I wasn't sure what was going on. They aren't lap babies so that wasn't the problem. But something was wrong. After trying everything, I was at my wits end. The twins kept screaming and Abby kept yelling "What's wrong?" I thought, "I'm going to put them in the bouncy seats, buckle them in and just go into the other room for a minute to clear my head." And that's exactly what I did - and headed into the bathroom praying for some peace. I was gone for not even 2 minutes when I realized there was no crying. All I heard was laughing. I snuck my head back into the living room and saw Abby sitting in front of both girls putting on a "stuffed animal" show with her turtle (Turtle...named by Abby), Blaire's dog (Ah-choo....named by Blaire) and Reagan's giraffe (Ah-gee...named by Reagan). The twins were spellbound - watching Abby and the animals while giggling, cooing and smiling at their Big Sister. I thought "What in the world!" Then it hit me like a ton of bricks...I prayed - He answered. I was weak and in need - He provided. My Mommy Moment for today - remembering that God shows himself in lots of forms...but today, He was in a Big Sister and three stuffed animals.

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