Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sleep is for the weak

For the first time every, Abby had a slumber party at our house - and it was awesome! After getting the A-OK from her Mommy and Daddy, she called her BFF cousin, Whitney, and asked her to come to a slumber party at our house. After Whitney said "Wait one minute, are you asking me to spend the night at your house? OF COURSE!" it was nothing but drama for these two girls to wait until Monday night. When the big night got here, there were sooo many things that kept them happy - taco dinner, tummy buster sundaes, Tinkerbell movie, books, toys, games, and tons more! And no kidding, there was actually some prank calling unbeknownst to any adult in the house!! Ha! But both girls were asleep by 9 PM and had a great night...and then a great day playing together when morning came! So for those keeping score - Abby's 1st slumber party: ONE, Mommy's fear that a ton more will happen and is scared to death about when all three want friends over: HUNDRED.

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