Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Memoires from the kitchen...

Abby: Mommy, did you forget that I wanted to eat breakfast this morning?

Mommy: No, I didn't forget. What do you want? Grits, butter toast, cheese toast?

Abby: Um, let me check the pantry. Oh, yes, chips. I want chips.

Mommy: (For the thousandth time this month already) No, you are not having chips for breakfast.

Abby: Wait, what's this?

Mommy: Rice Krispies

Abby: Oh yeah, I'll have some Rice Krispie treats for breakfast.

Mommy: It's cereal. You put it in a bowl and add some milk.

Abby: Soooooo, what? No marshmallows?

Mommy: Nope. Not today. Here, try some. When I add the milk, you'll hear the snap, crackle and pop.

Abby: (After the milk was poured) I hear it, I hear it! Now can we add the marshmallows because they may snap, crackle and pop too!

Mommy: Nope, no marshmallows this morning.

Abby: Well, then I guess we'll never know if they snap crackle and pop.

(And that's another typical Tuesday morning in our house - HA HA HA!)

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