Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting our party on

When you spend your days juggling more than one job, more than one child, and more than one thing to do around the house, it's very hard to have a life. You can attempt to have a life, but sometimes the attempts end up big failures because you are stretched too far and can't give your 100%. At the beginning of the year, I sat down and had to decide how to make this all work so we could enjoy life again - without feeling worn out and tired at the end of every single day because of doing too much! Sadly, I had to let some things go...and one of the saddest was leaving the Cospala Red Hatters. Yes, yes, it is really a club for women over 50, BUT, you can still be a member if you are under that are just called a PINK HATTER...and both Abby and I were pink hatters until we had to leave the club. But it was a very pleasant surprise when we got the invitation to join the May function which was at Aunt Carol's house...and introduce Blaire and Reagan to the group! This group of ladies are awesome and it was so wonderful to have them meet the was the funniest thing too to watch the twins meet these ladies, and all the crazy red hats! It took a while but within minutes they were crawling to these women and turning on the charm! We had a great time visiting - thanks ladies! After leaving the Cospala Red Hatters, we headed down the road less than a mile to Aaron and Jenifer's house for our monthly Third Thursday meal. Tonight's menu included chicken fingers, mac-n-cheese, rice, rolls and sweet potato patties. Whenever we get together with them, the deal is that whoever hosts the event, prepares the meal...and whoever the guest is, brings the dessert. So, dessert was on us - and thanks to the best hubs ever, I didn't even have to prepare or pick up anything - he did it himself! And was I surprised to see chocolate pie? Nope, not at all! Ha ha! The two that were though pleasantly surprised to see the pie were Blaire and Reagan - both whom licked the platter clean! LOL!

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