Monday, May 16, 2011

What's up Doc?

Reagan and Blaire met with Dr. McAllister today for their one year old check up - and they got terrific news! Both girls are still on the slightly smaller side for the 12 month age mark, but they are growing like weeks and Dr. Mac loved seeing them and their progress! Today's numbers were:

Reagan - 18 lbs, 9 ounces; 27 1/2 inches long
Blaire - 19 lbs 6 1/2 ounces; 27 1/2 inches long

The girls each got four vaccinations and a finger prick (to rule out anemia)...and it was awful. The two of them were not happy. Even with our all time favorite nurse, Leigh, handling it all like a pro, they screamed bloody murder. Although most of their appointments with shots and meds has a little bit of screaming, this was horrible. Enough so that we went back to our old blog archives to see if Abby had the same ordeal at her 1st year appointment and guess what? She did! We wrote that it was the worst appointment for her! So, clearly our girls stopped enjoying doctor's appointments when they turn one, ha! But for other news:

-The girls can try whole milk now! We will mix our last can of Similac Neosure with whole milk to start them off. If they tolerate it (with no tummy troubles) they can continue just whole milk! If not, they will have to wait until August to go on whole milk - which is their corrected age of 1 year.

-The girls can still not go into nurseries or daycares. Dr. Mac said that due to the potential for RSV, she said no nurseries until their corrected age. We are hoping that when we go back to her in August (at their 15 month check up) they may be released from this. But to be honest, the only time this is a pain, is on Sundays during worship services - however, if it means keeping our little ones healthy, we will do whatever we are told!

So...all in all, minus the screaming, it was a great appointment! We got the go ahead to have a fun summer with our girls and not come back until August! We love Dr. Mac and Leigh!!! Thanks ladies for helping us take such great care of Reagan and Blaire!

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