Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Daddy,
Happy birthday to you!

That's what Eric heard from his four favorite girls first thing this morning! Yep, it's Eric's birthday!!! He's now 35 years old! And although he already had some birthday celebrating this past weekend, we had some more plans up our sleeves for the big day! As soon as Eric headed off to work, we all got bathed and dressed and followed right behind...to surprise him at lunch! Sondra (his secretary)
and Scott (the other lawyer at the office) were taking him out to eat and they were in on the secret plan! Eric didn't know we were going to be there until he opened the restaurant door and we yelled SURPRISE! We all enjoyed a yummy meal - and the birthday boy even got some singing and dessert! Then, while he headed back to the office for some more surprises and treats, we headed out for some party store shopping to get ready for tonight! Abby, Blaire and Reagan all helped me pick out some perfect pirate decorations for the Pirates of the Caribbean party theme we've had going! When Eric got home that night, there were balloons, plates, glasses, eye patches and the perfect present Abby picked out for him - 2 pirate swords for the two of them to play sword fights...just what every little 4 year old girl does with her Daddy, right? We ate another one of Eric's favorite meals - fried pork chops, salad, BBQ bread, corn and rice. And we snacked on key lime pie for dessert. Yum! The perfect day for our perfect man! Happy Birthday - we LOVE you!!!!!

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