Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I can see clearly now...

Today the twins went for their final appointment with Dr. Sugg, their pediatric opthamologist. Being on their best behavior, the nurses couldn't believe how great the girls did at their appointment! They followed everything that needed to be done, at the right time, even with eye drops and mirrors and lights. Dr. Sugg said that as far as he could see (no pun intended, ha!) the girls had perfect vision and had no trouble with any eye concerns that might effect preemies. Although there is still the possibility of vision problems in the future, they ruled out anything that might be a problem as a result of their early birth...and that was awesome news! We were so excited! And we have to give a big shout out to the Big Sister, Miss Abigail, because she was also on her best behavior....helping out at the appointment, keeping the girls attention, and following everything she was asked to do or help with. Our girls had a great day and we couldn't have been prouder!

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