Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday fun

Today was a day full of fun events for the Wade girls...This morning was Abby's school Christmas party! Abby and I headed up to the school in the morning and enjoyed all the party activities and fun. There were crafts, games, and even a visit from Santa! And one of the most special parts was a play put on by the children telling the story of the nativity. Abby knew her part perfect and did a wonderful job! And you know the twins put in their two cents about getting to join the party. Since we knew there was too much going on for just one mom to handle, we called in backup - Courtney, ha! She brought the twins up to the school for a Santa pic, some fun and then headed on back home with them so they could get some snuggles and rest before our big day continued.

After coming home from the school party, we had a little pizza lunch party of our own, napped a bit, and packed up both our car and Court's car and headed to the church for the youth-hosted "Parents Night Out." It was an awesome night where 48 of us played, laughed, sang, and ate more pizza! By the time we closed the night down with a Christmas movie (complete with drinks and popcorn) we were all exhausted...well, most of us....two little one year olds were still going strong when they were put in their cribs at 9:30 PM! Whew! Here's hoping there's some sleeping in tomorrow morning! LOL!

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