Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Twice as blessed

So today's a big day in the "Wallace" households! Not only is it Papa Doc's birthday (here's our HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to him - who we know is having an awesome day!) it is the day that the big announcement is FINALLY being made. Now, most of you don't know what the big deal is - and that's because we've kept this secret for months now...almost four to be exact! (And that's a huge deal around here!) goes....

New family members are on their way!!!!! A huge, gigantic, over-the-top congratulations are going out to Robyn and John who are expecting a set of twins due here in April 2012!!!!!! (Robyn is one of Barbara's baby sisters...she and John celebrated their one year anniversary this past October. They live right outside of Denver, CO.) Yep, they are a little over 4 months preggers and the baby bump has made it's appearance, LOL! We are so excited about this! As baby showers are being planned, trips to Colorado are booked and that baby bump keeps growing, we ask that you continue to keep those two precious bundles (FYI: a boy and a girl - yea!!!!!!) in your prayers. So far, Robyn's pregnancy hasn't been the best seeing as how she's learned morning sickness can really be "all day long, all pregnancy long" sickness!!! But we know full too well about a pregnancy of multiples and this is an issue very near and dear to our heart. Pray for the pregnancy, the delivery and the health of these miracles!!!! Love love love!

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