Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas from the Wade family! We spend today sharing lots of quality family time with each other and enjoyed the best day! With me being up first (5 AM), Eric next (6 AM), and then Blaire and Reagan (by 6:30)....we all had to actually go and wake up Abby, ha! She immediately remembered what day it was and ran down the stairs saying "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!" She spotted the chalk scooter first and her day was already complete, ha! Blaire and Reagan had a ball opening up gifts - even stealing our gifts to open! The loved their doll strollers and spent almost an hour going around the house in circles over and over and over! Eric and Abby headed outside to play with some of her new toys (including her bike helmet and bell which she was over the moon to receive) and had a ball together. We enjoyed our traditional Christmas morning waffle breakfast and then an awesome day before a nice dinner of grilled steaks. We invited Eric's family over for dinner and enjoyed closing out the day with them for a couple of hours as we ate and watched the girls enjoy their gifts from Santa and family. When we all headed up to bed, we were exhausted. It was a wonderful day and we wish every one enjoyed a Christmas as merry as ours!

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