Friday, September 24, 2010

Cereal Killers

Tonight was the night...the 1st attempt at the twins eating solid foods...and the menu included some yummy rice cereal. After downing about 6 ounces each of milk around 5 PM, the girls joined their Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister at the dinner table about a couple of hours later and got to experience the texture of solid food for the 1st time! Blaire was the first taker...she started off all smiles and it was awesome. She wasn't sure about the first bite and would tilt her head back to swallow, but it worked. She gobbled up a lot for the first time! And Big Sister even got in on the action by feeding her a bit of cereal (although Abby gagged and coughed saying how horrible the cereal smelled, ha!).

After Blaire was finished eating, she went to Daddy and Mommy got her hands all over Reagan getting her ready for her first solid foods. She started off almost identical to Blaire...and ended the same way - in all smiles. The middle part was the difficult one for Reagan. Well, not so much difficult as it was that she just could have cared less. She wasn't the biggest fan of the texture of the food, and it took her a few bites to get the swallowing down pat. But in the end, she ate a pretty good amount (even from the helping bites Big Sister offered) and the 1st time for solids was a success!

Now...such a big day for Reagan and Blaire we know. But Abby was not to be out done. She was such a big help this morning at the doctor's office, this afternoon when we got home, and even this evening when feeding and bathing the girls. As a reward for being so great today, we pulled out the slip-n-slide and she invited her friends Savanna and Cooper over and they had a ball outside...slipping, sliding, chalking, throwing water balloons at targets and trying to jump rope. After such an exciting day, we think all three Wade girls will be sleeping soundly tonight!!!!

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