Friday, September 24, 2010

FOURTH down - move the chains!

Today Reagan and Blaire had appointments with Dr. Mac for the four month check up. Although the girls are still preemies, and got their 2 month shots at 3 months of age, they are going to catch up to speed with pediatrician appointments - starting today! A few days shy of turning 4 1/2 months old, they headed to get their check up and their 4 month in each leg as well as an additional oral medication. They both handled the morning like a pro. With big sister watching, and our favorite local nurse, Ms. Leigh (who was back after missing last month's appt!), the girls got their shots, cried for maybe 5 seconds and then took it all in stride by chilling out in on the exam table.

Watching the girls get their shots isn't bad at all - Blaire hardly bleeds at all from shots, but Reagan's right leg is a gusher, ha! What is a bit interesting is watching a Mommy carry two babies and a toddler into the office by herself! Ha! But we love Dr. Mac and Ms. Leigh and they make these appointments a breeze! Here's today's numbers from the appointment:

Blaire* - Length: 22 1/4 inches; Weight: 10 lbs, 15 ounces;
Temp: 98.5, HC: 38

Reagan - Length: 21 1/2 inches; Weight: 10 lbs 5 1/2 ounces;
Temp: 99.5, HC: 38

The next "official" check up is not until November (at 6 months), but next month, the twins will start going back to Dr. Mac once a month for a Synergist shot. (This is a once-a-month shot given throughout the RSV season - Oct thru March - to babies, usually preemies, that are at high risk from dying from RSV usually with chronic lung isn't a vaccine but rather an immune globulin.) So...for the time being, we are sitting back and waiting for Dr. Mac to call and tell us when the Synergist shots have arrived at her office. Until then, they will continue to grow and grow...especially since we are starting cereal once a day now! Because Dr. Mac was so impressed with the girls (smiling, cooing, laughing, holding up the head with control, sitting in high chairs, etc) she said to go ahead and try a bit. And since their big sister wasn't a "cereal in the bottle fan", she suggested to go ahead and try the bowl, if our day wasn't interesting enough, it looks like dinner time is about to get a lot more crazy!!!!! Praise God for a GREAT four month check up girls!!!!!!

*About a month ago, Blaire developed a little small red spot on her chin. Dr. Mac confirmed this was another superficial hemangioma (although it is very very small compared to her other one) and that it will disappear much faster than the one on her stomach. If you don't know, a hemangioma is a benign tumor of the cells. It is not hereditary. It occurs in the womb or the first few weeks of life. This one appeared on Blaire in what was her 4th (corrected age) week of life. About 10% of infants get these and they are more common in fair skinned females. Regression of the tumor generally occurs by the time the child is 10 years old. (Abby's - which is on her arm - is about 50% in regression.)

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  1. Great check up news! Glad to hear they'll be getting their shots to prevent RSV as they are particularly important for preemies. The girls look wonderful. Have fun wth the cereal!