Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who's dat?

It has now been now exactly 9 weeks to the day that we brought the twins home to Enterprise. And with that being said, these 9 weeks have been a bit rough for Abby. She really has handled the homecoming well - only showing her trouble with the adjustment with a few potty "accidents" during the day. After about a week or so, those stopped. Then we told her we were moving. Seemed she was fine adjusting to that too - no accidents. Then we moved all of her toys, clothes, books and puzzles out of her room and into the new house. That did it - slowly but surely, in the last week, she has started showing signs of trouble. Now, before you even say it, the reason most of her stuff (we kept out a few of her favorite toys and books) has already been moved is because we spend a lot of time at the new house preparing it for the day of the big move. When we are there, she LOVES going up to her new room and playing for hours with her toys. But we come back to the old home for night time and the issues start. There have been 3 nights out of the last 7 that she has had full blown potty accidents in the bed - wetting her comforter, sheets, mattress pad and mattress....and then she has started coming into our room. Not including last night, the 3 nights prior she showed up about 2 AM and wanted to sleep with us. We told her no and she walked (reluctantly) back into her bedroom, but usually before 3 AM passed, we saw her by our bedside again. Our hope is that once we are 100% into the new house, she gets back into the groove of things...and those that we've talked to about this believe it is just an adjustment issue. So, for now, we have talked with her about the accidents, reminded her about how big girls act at night, and hope it is just a passing issue. But, with all of that being said, in the mornings, I've really treasured our one on one time together. She loves to come snuggle on my lap for about the first 30 minutes of her day - and I wouldn't give that up for the world! This morning, during our snuggle time, we were looking at pictures on my computer and I showed her one of my favorite all time pics (see below). Her response was priceless: "Mommy, who is that baby? Aw, she's so cute. We need to invite her over to our new home so she can meet my baby sisters. She will think they are so cute and she will want to be their friend." Man, I love that kid!

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