Friday, September 3, 2010

Panther Pride

Are you ready for some football?????? Now even though our daughters are zoned to go to the Enterprise City School System, we are a bit partial to a few students that attend Wicksburg High School - in particular, one cute little Senior cheerleader that goes by the name of "JESS!" (It helps when you scream it at the top of your lungs and go running to her with your arms out ready for a big hug!) Tonight was the first home game at the WHS field and it was awesome! Although the team lost the game (by only 2 points!), it was a great game complete with being the WDHN's game of the week, lots of great cheerleaders, a great band (and awesome drum major), cool halftime show and wonderful fellowship with friends. I took Abby to the game while Eric stayed home with Reagan and Blaire. That kiddo knew so many people there - more than I did, ha! It was so much fun! She sat in the bleachers cheering and clapping...but I knew where her heart was - it wasn't long before she made it down to the railing in front of the cheerleaders. She jumped around dancing and clapping and had the time of her life. She was NOT happy at all when she heard that we had to leave...but it was waaaaaay past bedtime and as much as we love Friday night football in our house, we love happy-morning-toddlers-after-a-good-night's-sleep even more, ha! GO BIG BLACK AND GOLD!!!!!

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