Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Precious moments....precious memories.

Out with the old, in with the new...we have officially done it - we've moved! Although we signed on our new house back on August 26th, the buyers of our old house said they didn't need to move in until October 1st so we took our time with this move...although giving them plenty of time to move in when we said we could be out by September 19th. Which seemed like a long time, until the day popped up on the calendar! Last Saturday, September 18th, the movers showed up at our house a little before 9 AM and in the next 4 hours, everything went from 8992 Hwy 92 in Daleville to 113 E. Robertson Court in Enterprise. Less than a 15 minute drive away, but a world of difference! As we sat down that Friday night, only hours away from the movers coming, we couldn't help but think about all the times we've had in that house...the fun...the not so fun....the visitors...the parties...the holidays...the children...the yard...everything. We were definitely ready for the move, but it was weird to sit back and think that within only hours we would be leaving that house for the last time...although we were extremely happy and blessed to know that not only were we taking all of our belongings with us but also taking those precious memories. And we couldn't help but want to share a few with you....

December 29, 2003: Signing our names to become house owners for the first time...and finding out nope, we weren't changing the den carpet - ha!

Planting the "marriage bush" one Saturday afternoon.

The joys of painting a kitchen red...45 times as Eric says! LOL!

Sitting in the office one night covering 200 CDs with pictures only to find out after the fact that the CDs (wedding favors) didn't work and having to do it all over again a week later.

Barbara running through the backyard waving a supposed-to-be white shirt while screaming at Eric (while he was mowing) because she KNEW something was wrong with our water. Well water isn't supposed to turn clothes brown...unless your pump is busted!!

January 14, 2005: Newlyweds finally in their home is good!

July 2005: Hiring the worst construction men in the world to put stone on the outside of the house...apparently they were cheap because they were so high on drugs they didn't know how to do business right.

A story that involves a dog, fire ants and a screaming lunatic throughout the side yard.

June 1, 2006: Seeing Eric smile and whisper "You're pregnant?" when he first found out he was going to be a Daddy for the first time.

Watching Abby grow up during the first 3 1/2 years of her life: crawling (in a weird army kind of crawl), walking (finally!), learning how to talk, eating in a high chair, finding out she's scared of thunder, potty training, gymnastics, etc.

Hearing Abby say "Cow" over and over...we were so excited until we realized she literally meant a cow was 2 inches away from the family room window looking at her!

Seeing that cow trample our marriage bush.

Not the best memory, but I'll (Barbara) never forget the exact two places I was sitting for the phone calls that Grams and Papere had passed away.

All of our parties: Christmas 2004, Halloween 2005-2009, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation dinners for two sisters and a brother, birthday parties, make-room-for-baby painting parties.

Watching Eric bring home all of his "babies": the Cub, the John Deere, the Acura and Chevy.

Playgroup...every party, every visit, every time a child laughed - it was awesome.

December 10, 2009: Sitting at the kitchen table (over an Arby's dinner) telling Abby that "there is a baby in Mommy's tummy"....12 days before we found out there were 2 babies in Mommy's tummy, ha!

Christmas morning 2009. Wonderful.

February 12, 2010: Eric (covered head to toe in camo) playing with Abby in the snow even though he was sick as a dog with the flu!

Looking into the nursery saying to each other "How are TWO going to fit in here?"

Pulling into the driveway with Reagan and Blaire (coming home for the 1st time) and seeing Abby run to the 4Runner to officially meet and touch her sisters for the first time.

All five of us sitting in the family room doing exactly what that room was meant to do...give family a place to enjoy being family!


And while we got to sitting around talking and thinking about some of our favorite memories (and trust us, the ones you just read are just a few...there are hundreds more we could list!! Ha!), we thought about some of the things we'd miss...and just how we are going to handle missing those things:

Eric will definitely miss his shop....but yet he now lives on a golf course - something tells us he traded up on that deal, ha!

Barbara will miss well water from the sink....but the garbage disposal is well worth the exchange! (No more scrap trips - woo hoo!)

Eric will miss mowing his large yard with his ride on John Deere...but he was satisfied when he found out that a new, shiny push John Deere works great at the new house!

We will miss carpet in the main family room...but Eric loves it that when Abby and Barbara walk through the room, he doesn't hear any heel stomping anymore!

We will miss the pull out drawers of the pantry....but will take the new kitchen over the old one any day of the week - especially when we have more cabinets and counter space than we know what to do with!

We will miss the big pecan tree in the front yard where we took tons of family pics...but this house has a walkway to the front door with a porch that will do well with pics, ha!


And alas, there are definitely things we won't miss at all:

The time of year called harvest that brings dust....and mice....and snakes....oh my!

The "country" animals that seemed to love the backyard...armadillos, mice, coyotes, cats, foxes, flying squirrels...and not to mention the cows that get out of neighboring pens every year and come to visit!

The days of a flooded front yard.

Having to spend 2 hours on mowing the grass.

The never closing mail box.

The house of only 4 closets.

Wrinkles the ghost.

Snowball the cat.

************************************ we are - in a new that we have already started to make into our home. And we are so thankful for this opportunity. We want to thank everyone that helped with this ordeal - from calls and well wishes, to helping us pack...from house warming gifts to visits to the new house...from being there when we closed the old house down, to being here when we opened the new house up...thank you! It has been the wildest year of our lives and this past month went by at warp speed. We are happy, we are healthy, and we are HOME!!!!

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