Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brought to you by the letters W, A, D and E

This year's "Wade Family Costume" was revealed at last night's Fall Festival at Providence Baptist Church...if you don't know by now, we love this time of year with all of the dressing up, acting like children, eating candy and going to parties. Before Abby was born, Eric and I were already doing couple costumes and we added her to the mix when she was old enough to tell us what she wanted to dress up like. I didn't know how we could outdo last year's Lil Mermaid theme until one day Abby said "You know what we should be for Halloween? I could be Abby Cadabby. Blaire could be Cookie Monster. Reagan could be Elmo. Mommy, you could be Big Bird. And you know Daddy's the Grouch." And with that conversation at the kitchen table, this year's costumes began to take place. Abby loved her body glitter, purple hair, pom pom pig tails, glitter shoes, wings and fairy wand. The twins were a bit harder to outfit since not a lot of Halloween costumes come in a "we don't know exactly what size they are" size, ha! Babies R Us helped us in that department when I happened to walk by and see 2 Sesame Street bibs - and talk about meant to was Cookie Monster and Elmo! And then to dress the adults...which posed a rather large problem because (1) I was NOT going to wear feathers, big feet and a beak while trying to carry two babies as well as a hand out for a toddler and (2) There was no way I could get Eric to walk around with a garbage can around his waist. Ha ha! So with the help of one of my best gal friends (if you don't know who I'm talking about - talk to me about The Hope Chest - you won't be disappointed!), the "only a t-shirt and blue jeans" theory took hold, ha! So, here you have it - the 2010 Wade Family Halloween big reveal. We are 2 out of 6 parties down and so far the costumes are holding up pretty good...the same can not be said about the adults, ha!

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