Sunday, October 31, 2010

Da da da dum (snap snap)

It's that time of's that's that moment - where people dress up like furry animals, pave the way for our dentist to finally buy that condo on the beach he's been wanting, jump out from behind bushes and parade around places singing and laughing not caring that the place looks like a graveyard...but enough about the adults at Halloween time! Ha ha! Around here, we love the fall. Yes, football and the weather are great (well, wait....did someone say the weather was "great"?) but it's the holidays that are so much fun...and Halloween kicks it all off! We already revealed our family costume this year so as they say, the rest is in the details! There were tons of parties this year from school parties, to church parties, to festivals, to friends friends, to pumpkin patch trips and to our own little pumpkin carving night of fun! (And we also threw in a few family visits, friend visits and night outs - woo hoo!) This year Halloween fell on a Sunday night. And just like any other holiday or special event, I don't think that it matters when you celebrate, as long as you are with those that love you and you are having a good time! And we marked both of those things off our check list when Saturday night we participated in the Enterprise City Trick-or-Treat. Since we now actually live in Enterprise, and in a neighborhood to boot, Eric picked up bags and bags of candy to hand out. He couldn't wait to hand them out to the kiddos dressed up ! I headed out with the girls (and a couple of cooky crazy neighbors - ha!) out to a neighborhood pre-party and then to Trick-or-Treat back through the neighborhood. Abby had tons of fun at the party and got tons of candy in her pumpkin pail that night! Reagan and Blaire enjoyed all the love at the party and slept through most of the candy grabbing, ha! Abby's favorite houses were the ones that went all out - fog and creepy costumes, music playing, and especially the one where the Grouch answered the door - ha! When we got home, we were all exhausted, but enjoyed a great week and weekend full of fun! Happy Halloween 2010!!!!!!!!! Muuuuahahahahahaha!!!!!!

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