Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't put baby in a corner

Although born weighing half a pound more than her twin sister, Blaire is our youngest. She is the baby of the family. But don't tell her that she's supposed to only be acting like a 2 month old baby! Within mili-seconds of hearing a sound, she zeroes in on where it is coming from and recognizes when it stops. And when you talk to her, she will engage with you in several different ways from cooing, giggling, full out laughs and even "talking" back and forth with you in a conversation. She laughs at funny expressions and makes a few of her own as well to gauge your reaction. She has great eye coordination and will follow objects when tested. Our daily exercises are about to get a little more intense and she is going to begin working on rolling from tummy to back as well as sitting up on her own. It will be a while before either of those are mastered, but I have a feeling she won't take too much work in those departments. Another thing that is interesting about Blaire is that although the twins have that unique bond which they tend to copy cat each other, Blaire is very jealous. When in the room with someone that is paying attention to only Reagan, you can feel Blaire's eyes on you...and she won't release her stare until you give the attention she feels she deserves as well. Our baby girl is incredibly active, alert and outgoing...and as I say to all my girls every day, I "love love love" her!

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