Friday, October 1, 2010

So long summer...

Summer's over...or is it? Just when you look at the calendar and flip the month of September over to the month of October....just when you start to put away your capris and pull out your cardigans...just when you look at falling leaves instead of flying ladybugs you would think summer was over and fall had arrived. But you'd be wrong. At least not at our house. Because really, what other way could we describe the fact that today, October 1, 2010, we were swimming at the pool in 90 degree weather?

All kidding aside, it's still warm outside here in south Alabama. Granted, it isn't as warm as it was in mid-July, but it was still the perfect weather to enjoy a nice swim before lunch and nap time. And the weather continued to cooperate for the rest of the day...for a big event in the Wade family. We took our first family portraits together - as a family of five that is! Through one of our best friends, Ms. Veda, we found a great photographer to come to our house. The combo team of husband and wife from Mattox Photography came out to our house and spent about 2 hours with us taking tons of pictures...inside, outside, family, kiddos, babies, individuals, etc. You name it, they shot it! All in all it was a picture perfect kind of day to end the summer and welcome fall into our year!

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