Monday, April 4, 2011

Catch me, I'm falling...

...falling behind in blogging that is!'s been a long week and a half since we last gave you the update about what's happened in our lives and our family! Now that we have a few minutes to sit down and relax, we wanted to share!

Last we talked, you got to see some pics from the bunny photog shoot that happened at our friend Donna's house. Right after the pictures were taken, we rolled out of Enterprise and headed up to the Hatch for a big night! The twins spent most of the evening over at Aunt Carol and Ra Ra's house while Abby got to join the church youth group for their Forever Friends Bible Study. She had a ball - thanks everyone for making Friday night work out as great as it did!

On Saturday, March 26th we had big plans...until the plans fell through, ha! It was the annual Piney Woods Festival in Enterprise, but this year it was a big flop. Thankfully, we sent out a scout and she came back with a report to which we changed our plans - and ended up enjoying a super day at home with lots of relaxing playtime and snuggles.

Every now and then, we get an occasional snow storm...a possible tornado...a bad thunderstorm...but not Sunday March 27th - we got hail. And lots of it. After church we headed home to our awesome family lunch and all of a sudden, it sounded like rocks were pounding our house. Thankfully we had no damage but needless to say, our girls like hail just about as much as they like thunder and lightening storms.

On Monday, March 28th a big event happened at the Wade house - Blaire started crawling!!! Sure enough, after dinner we were in the upstairs den playing and all of a sudden, she got up on all fours and started talking off. It reminds us of a colt just born and attempting to stand on her own...but regardless, it's an awesome sight to see and we know that in days, she'll be all over the place!

Although the weather report said bad weather was coming through on Tuesday night and Wednesday, by Wednesday morning it was basically just a little bit of rain and not enough to stop our "Let's use up our gift cards" shopping spree! Ha ha! We packed up, grabbed Aunt Carol on the way, and headed over to the Dothan Mall. Hours upon hours later, we were back home - and resting! The girls enjoyed their day out and we managed to mark 5 out of the 6 major things off our shopping spree spending hardly any money at all, woo hoo! After we all managed to take a little nap, we headed off to least two of the five of us did! Abby is a member of the Mission Friends class on Wednesday nights at Providence and she loves it! She is a huge fan of Ms. Rhonda (her teacher) and loves all of the activities and letter work she does!

Thursday afternoon (March 31st) brought another big moment to our house - Reagan started crawling! She started getting up on all fours about last week and we've noticed in the past few days she was rocking back and forth...but on Thursday, she started taking off. BUT, not like Blaire, just like Abby! For those of you that remember, Abby had a weird little crawl we called her "army crawl" where one of her arms never straightened out and it looked like she was crawling along while on her stomach. Reagan's started doing the same thing! But boy is she fast when she does it! Whew!!

On Friday, April 1st it wasn't a day for pranks around our house. We packed up the car with suitcases, stroller and Jessica and headed southwest to the big metropolis of Pensacola, Florida!!! It was the weekend for the Sacred Heart Hospital's NICU Reunion. All NICU graduates (and family) were invited to come back to the Heart for a day for fun and fellowship with the doctors, nurses, staff and other NICU families. And you know that we weren't going to miss that for the world!!! When we first got into Pensacola, we headed up to the new Ronald McDonald House (which opened only a couple of months after we were visitors of the old house). We got a personal tour and it was just a beautiful place! We reconnected with a bunch of the staff members from there and they loved all over our precious girls. Then we headed over to the Moors where we bunked down for the night with the Tripletts! Gene and Patty were so very kind to welcome us into their gorgeous home! We had a blast - spaghetti dinner, presents, company, a huge spread of guest bedrooms and bathrooms at our disposal, breakfast, anything we needed or could have wanted was there! It was a perfect home away from home - thanks you two! On Saturday morning we headed on to the reunion and it was WONDERFUL...a walk around the campus, a bouncy house, tattoos, snow cones, cotton candy, cake and punch, special visitors (Red Bird, Ronald McDonald, the Chick-Fil-A cow, etc), lots of booths and tables to check out, hand painting station, our dear friends that we met, etc. But the best thing was the people....we LOVE our SHH nurses and doctors! From the L&D ladies that had to put up with our crazy preggo ramblings (ha!) to the NICU nurses that performed miracles to the doctors that were worth their weight in gold - we LOVE everyone! It was by far the most horrific part of our lives and to go back ten months later and still feel the love, nurturing, caring, etc. We just can't even explain what a wonderful feeling it was! And to our special loves - Valerie, Marilee, Erin and Amanda...we say it to our girls, and we will forever say it to you four "Love, love, love!" This time last year, we were strangers. Today, they are family.

After a whirlwind weekend away, Sunday morning came mighty fast and it was time to head on over to Providence. The youth sponsored an event ("Standing On His Promises") where we gave church family members and friends the opportunity to come write their favorite verse or scripture reference on the floors of our new building. It was so much fun and we enjoyed every minute!

Then, we had a special surprise for Abby, Reagan and Blaire. After giving Abby six hints as to what the special surprise was, she finally got it when the last hint "It is in the driveway" revealed her grandparents, Gramercy and Papa Doc, who have come to visit us and give out lots of hugs, smiles and love!

So...we have officially caught up our crazy life on this blog. A dear friend cracked us up when she said "What - like you don't have anything else going on?" when we realized we hadn't updated in a while! Ha ha! Our family is definitely never at a loss for activities or happenings - and as always, we love sharing all of it with you!

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