Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Perfectly perfect

What started out as just a normal Tuesday around here, became a great family day!!! Eric left early in the morning to head out of town for a hearing...which meant that Abby, who normally gets a ride to school from her Daddy, got stuck with her Mommy this morning, ha! The four Wade women packed up and headed to drop Abby off and then the rest of us came back home for Mommy to get some work done - for clients, youth members and even some household things. Right before lunchtime we got a call from Eric saying that he heading back into town and wanted to take three of his four favorite girls to lunch at the clubhouse. It was awesome! One sandwich, one wrap, two bottles and an hour and a half later we were headed back home. Eric then took the 4Runner for some much needed tire rotation, and on the way home picked up our favorite 4 year old from school. Abby got an additional surprise when she heard that there was an afternoon tee time on the golf course with her name on it! She and her Daddy headed out and had a great afternoon on the greens! After golfing was over we enjoyed a family dinner around the table and it was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

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