Saturday, April 9, 2011

When nothing becomes something

Well, it's been a while since today's major event happened - and knowing what we know, it'll be a while before it happens again. Curious? Interested? Give up on what we're talking about? OK, we'll fill you in...a Saturday with NOTHING on our calendar. Honestly, nothing. We couldn't believe it when we saw it ourselves...nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one visiting, no jobs, no activities, no parties...literally, nothing. However, it doesn't take us long to turn nothing into something, ha! Eric headed off to the golf course while his women (ha!) headed out for a neighborhood walk. The walk seemed to be a bit more enjoyable than the golf game (or as he would say - his was a good walk ruined!). The twins loved their stroll around the neighborhood and Abby loved the little pit stop at the subdivision's pool! When everyone got home, we enjoyed a lazy afternoon of naps and the Masters on television (we'll let you guess as to who napped and who watched the Masters!). With still some time before night fell, Abby got a little piggy-action from the "best pedicure lady in the whole world" - her Mommy! (Gotta love that kid!) After lots of playing, we sat down for a great Saturday night dinner - pizza! Then it was bed time...for all since our day of nothing turned out to be quite exhausting!

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