Monday, April 25, 2011

Cherish yesterday...dream tomorrow...LIVE today!

We have been living our lives to the fullest since the last time that we updated our about what's been happening. So many wonderful stories, quips, pictures and events have gone on and to sum it all up, here's our Top Ten - in no particular order, ha!

(1) Abby's school Easter party (Thursday, April 14th) - As a room mom for the Duck Class Easter party, we got all dressed up and headed to FUMC the morning of the party. The kiddos got to enjoy lots of fun including an egg hunt, story time, a visit from a real bunny, McDonald Happy Meal lunches and lots of Easter candy!

(2) April 14th - The twins turn 11 months old! It is absolutely surreal to realize that our two love bugs are only weeks away from the big
O-N-E year!!!! At 11 months they are doing awesome! They are 18 (Blaire) and 17 (Reagan) pounds. Blaire is crawling like crazy and talking a ton (Daddy, Hey...and even said "Auburn" back on May 8th). Reagan is clapping and crawling now too!

(3) Pool Party in the USA - One of the best things about living in Tartan Pines (besides the house that we are in love with..and the golf course only steps away!) is the pool! It is open year round so when you are ready to swim, it is ready for you. After lunch time on Saturday (April 16th) we called Jess over and packed up the stroller and bike for a nice little afternoon stroll to the pool. The twins had no desire to relax so it was a bit of a pain, but eventually we got into the "swim" of things and it was a fun afternoon...complete with the mother of all Mommy sunburns as well! (Note to self: When worrying about the kiddos sunscreen, don't forget your self too!)

(4) Two words: SPRING BREAK! Thanks to our awesome relatives, Aunt Julia and Uncle Lomax Fulford, we were able to head down to the beach (Panama City Beach) and enjoy an awesome Spring Break vacation! Abby had been looking forward to this week for the past two months and she was soooo excited that "Spring Break Vacation" finally arrived! We headed out on Sunday (April 17th) afternoon and came back into town on Thursday (April 21st). During our beach stay we hit the water, the stores, the restaurants, the kiddo park, the piers, and the fun spots...but some of the best moments came when sitting in the bedroom, you could hear the babies laugh while Abby says that she "has had the best day of her whole entire life of the last one thousand years." LOL!

(5) Beach Babes! During our Spring Break trip, it was Blaire and Reagan's first time at the beach - and it was a success! Although Blaire decided that it was more fun to eat the sand than play with it, the girls had a great time at the beach. On Monday (April 18th) they went with us to the beach but laid low in the shade, but on Tuesday (April 19th) they got lotioned up and hit the rays and the water!

(6) 4th Annual Playgroup Easter Party and Egg Hunt - Yep, it's been 4 years and we are still going strong every Easter! It is one of our favorite events of the year and it's so much fun to have our friends over to decorate Easter "baskets", hunt eggs, lunch and enjoy a day of playtime and hanging out! This year's party (on Friday April 22) was no different...although we missed friends that have moved away, we enjoyed new friends this year. And as always, we took an annual "couch" picture to show the kiddos getting ready for the egg hunt...this year, I believe we finally out grew the couch - what do you think? Ha!

(7) There are many rumors surrounding the reason why we dye eggs at Easter time, but one thing we know is that it is a fun family tradition that our families have been doing for years, and we have continued with our daughters. Friday night (April 22) after dinner, we colored eggs and enjoyed some awesome family time together around the table...and watching Blaire and Reagan enjoy the beginnings of their first Easter celebrations!

(8) April 23rd - Saturday Smiles - It was a fun filled jam packed day of parties, events, golf and activities for the entire Wade family. We headed out the door by 9 AM and were still going strong at 6 PM! After the Wade women went to enjoy the "Journey to the Cross" presentation and party in the morning, Eric headed out to the golf course. By afternoon's nap time, Eric stayed home with the twins while Abby went to her friends (Hattie and Grace) birthday party at the park. And how else to relax after a long day? Manis and pedis with Mommy! It was a great day and we were all full of Saturday smiles!

(9) Easter Sunday - "But the words 'it was counted to him' were not written for his sake alone, but for ours also. It will be counted to us who believe in him who raised from the dead Jesus our Lord, who was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification." (Romans 4:23-25) It was a gorgeous day to celebrate Christ who was raised from the dead! He is risen - He is risen indeed! We love this particular time of year and there is nothing better than to celebrate with other believers the foundation of our faith. Along with going to our church's Easter service, we also celebrated the day with other Easter customs including a visit from the Easter Bunny and lunch with family and friends. It was truly a wonderful day!

(10) Third Thursday - Although our schedules got rescheduled this month, we were still able to fit a "3rd Thursday" dinner in April. Since our church was having a service on Thursday night, we had to figure out another time that we could get together. short, 3rd Thursday became 4th Monday this month! Ha ha! And April was our month to host the dinner and hanging out for the night with Jen and Aaron while munching on some hamburgers, brats, side dishes and dessert. Yum!

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