Thursday, April 7, 2011

Problems with our preggers our house, we know all too well the worries that come when babies arrive earlier than expected. Which is why we have added two very special people to our prayer lists. First, our cousin, Heather. She is preggers with her third child - this time she's having a boy! Little Ethan Cole Bryant isn't due for another 8-9 weeks but apparently Heather's body isn't thinking the same thing! She headed to the hospital late last night and will be there all day today and tonight. There is also the strong possibility that tomorrow she will be taken to another hospital where there is a NICU, in case Ethan really does come early! We love love love this family and will be keeping them in our prayers during this time. And while we're worried about Heather, we've also been worried about our dear friend, Loren. She is preggers with her first pregnancy - and it's twin boys! She's now at 29 weeks and has been in and out of the doctor's offices as well as the hospital. She's trying to hold off until at least 34-35 weeks before Brigham and Baylor arrive. Her doc has put her on home rest and we stopped by today to see her and give those baby boys some early hugs from us. Please pray with us for Loren and her family during this experience.

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