Friday, March 4, 2011

Do you? I DO!!!

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.

Today was the day...Aaron's wedding! After almost 4 years of dating, Aaron (Eric's younger brother) proposed to his fiance, Jenifer, over 14 months ago so this day has been a long time coming! But, as the saying goes, it was definitely worth the wait!!! We started the morning off by heading to the Bride's house to check on her and give her lots of good luck hugs and wishes! She was spending the morning with her Bridesmaids and girlfriends getting all dolled and dressed up for the ceremony...and the end result was beautiful! We headed home to meet our own hair stylist (Teri) who turned our master bathroom into a beauty salon and we love love loved being pampered! By lunch time, our house was full of family and friends for the "Groom's Get Together"...Goldfingers, coleslaw, beans, rolls, chips/dip, and yummy red velvet cake. The groom and his friends got all spiffed up in their tuxedos and argyle socks (ha!) and were handsome with a capital letter H. At 3:30 we rushed the Groom off to the church so he and the Bride could have a special moment together before the pictures began. Less than 3 hours later all the pictures were taken and the pre-ceremony music began. The ceremony, which started at 7 pm, was wonderful - a simply gorgeous night of pretty flowers, lovely ladies, handsome men and a sweet ceremony topped off with laughter and love! The bridal party whisked away to the reception site in Daleville and the party began. Lots of music, some dancing with the Bride, great food (lots and lots of great food...chocolate table, cookie table, kiddos table, potato bar, fruit table, veggies, chips, meats, etc.), cake cutting, more pictures and then a sidewalk full of sparklers to wish the happy couple off on a wonderful honeymoon! After a couple of days in Foley, Alabama, Aaron and Jenifer are headed on a cruise out of Mobile and will return home next week. We had a wonderful night and are so happy for the couple!
Congrats again to Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Wade!!!!
We love you both!!

Top 10 Memories of the Wedding

Number 10 - Capturing tons of kisses on camera...including Johnny Childs, Ted Brunson, Ronald Fulford, Jeremy Sullivan, David Lambert and Theo Lee!

Number 9 - The omnipresent baby teething ring.

Number 8 - "I can't do it" (No, not a comment by the Bride or Groom - but rather by the Flower Girl...2 seconds after she was told to walk down the aisle and throw out the flowers.)

Number 7 - Watching the groom's face...not when he was waiting for the Bride, but rather when he realized he was wearing the wrong tux, hee hee.

Number 6 - Watching the Bride's nephew come to a dead stop in front of the Bride and Groom during the garter removal...finally, a smile, LOL!

Number 5 - Pops great sense of smell, ba ha ha!

Number 4 - Matthew Beasley and TWO girls...ha ha!

Number 3 - How long does it take to get a ring out of a pouch? Wait for it, wait for it...keep waiting for it. LOL!

Number 2 - Never looking at eagles or cement the same way again.

And number 1 best memory of Aaron and Jen's wedding - THE KISS!!!

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