Friday, March 18, 2011

Safety and Shamrocks!

This morning Abby's school hosted a SAFETY DAY for the students. It was a time for them to check out a fire truck, an ambulance and a police car - as well as ask the operators any questions about safety. We got all three girls dressed up and headed out to the school. First up, the fire truck - it took a little bit of coaxing by Fireman Jeff, but soon Abby was crawling all around the truck and even sitting in the front ready to sound the siren. Next was the ambulance. Abby got a real kick out of finally understanding "what Mommy and the babies rode in to Pensacola" last year. She got her vital signs taken, talked to a couple of EMTs and even got to use their CB to call out for cars to get out of the way for the fast ambulance, ha! The last vehicle visit was with Officer Seth and the police car. There's just something about seeing your daughter in the back seat of a cop car to make your heart stop a bit. As a close friend said the other day, we hope it's the only time we see Abby in the back of a police cruiser, ha!

After Safety Day, we headed out to lunch with the Millers and one of our favorite places - Myoris! Yummy! Although true to form, Abby hid in the corner whenever there was fire on the hibachi in front of us. But, we all had a great time with the food and fun so that's all that really mattered! After lunch we headed home for some much needed naps because a big night was planned....St. Pat's Day party and the Hovi house!!! Their first annual SPD party was a big success and we all had a great time...from green drinks, to green food to friends all decked out in green attire, it was awesome! Thanks Donna and Chet for a fun night!

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