Sunday, March 13, 2011

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

-Blaire started talking this weekend. Her first word was... drum roll please ...."DADDY!" Eric heard it once on Saturday afternoon but then today she was saying it over and over! She is completely the talker of the two and it was awesome to see her not only saying something, but saying two syllables and putting the word and the meaning together! And how fitting is it that Blaire, who looks like the spitting image of Eric, said "Daddy" for her first word? Ha ha!
-Blaire also is now the proud owner of her first two teeth! Today, both of her two middle bottom teeth came through the gums. Chomp on, Blaire, chomp on!

-After weeks of trying to accomplish the "baby impossible" (a.k.a. finding the perfect teething ring), Reagan hit a groove with her teether and started drooling 90 to nothing. We knew it was only a matter of days before her teeth started coming through her gums. Early this morning the teeth had not broken through, but right after lunch there was a tooth!!!! It might be only her first pearly white, but it was a great sight to see!!!

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