Saturday, March 19, 2011

Slumber party!!!

If there's one thing Abby loves, it's a good "slumber party!" Although she loves for people to spend the night with her (or even have her own little slumber party in Mommy and Daddy's bed - ha!), she is all for going to other people's houses for the night! Two weeks ago, on the way to taking "A" (her uncle, Aaron) to the church for his wedding, Abby brought up the subject of spending the night at A's house (our old house). The day for the slumber party has come and she is super excited. She helped pick out her clothes and PJs for the night, pack her bag and close up her pillow pet. About an hour or so ago, A came to pick her up - she was literally waiting outside by the front door for him! Sounds like tonight's agenda includes Pizza Kastle (one of Abby's favorite places in Dothan) and sleeping in her old bedroom! We know she will have a blast tonight at her slumber party but it's already too quiet around our house!

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