Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elosie...that's me...Eloise....

After being a Kangaroo, a Bunny, a Tiger and a Duck, it is soon time for Abby to say goodbye to her friends and teachers at FUMC (Enterprise). Starting this August, Abby will be attending preschool at Ms. Eloise's here in Enterprise - in fact, it's only 4 minutes away from our house! Ms. Eloise's preschool takes only 30 students each year (Abby got her name on the list 2 weeks after she was born - yep, back in 2007 - apparently getting into preschool really is that crazy!). The students are divided into two groups and go back and forth between Ms. Ramona and Ms. Meloni. (The daughter and daughter in law of Ms. Eloise who has since passed away.) We had heard nothing but great reviews of the school and after today, we completely agree! This morning was the day that Abby had to to for her registration and preview. It was awesome! After being a bit worried about how she would react to a new place and new teachers, it took less than 1 minute for her to be talking to the teachers, showing how she can already write her name/add/subtract/color, asking about the field trips and begging to go out to the playground! Starting in August, Abby will be going to Ms. Eloise's every day, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to Noon. We are all completely happy and very excited about this new adventure!

A special shout out to Aunt Carol for coming over to the house and hanging out with Reagan and Blaire today while Abby got some much needed solo attention! There was no way we could have made today possible with two little ones in tow and we are extremely thankful to her!
Thanks Aunt Carol!

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