Sunday, March 13, 2011

Your Sunday Best

After heading to church as a family this morning, we came home to enjoy a yummy pot roast lunch around the kitchen table. When you have three kiddos, the absolute hardest day of the week happens to be Sunday. Now we aren't saying that we can't, and don't, get through those days, but our schedule that we've kept for the last six days goes right out the window when you get to Sunday. We learned this the hard way with Abby about four years ago and it doesn't get any easier when you add two infants to the mix. But, to combat the fussiness, whining and today's added little bonus of the time change, we decided to chill at home for lunch and not worry about the afternoon. As soon as we got home, Eric took the babies up to their cribs for their much needed (and wanted) nap and I got to work on lunch's side dishes. We told Abby that she had about 10 minutes to play upstairs before we were going to call her back down for lunch. When lunch was ready, Abby headed down and that's when we realized, she must have enjoyed the idea of lunch at home too because she completely dressed for the occasion:

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