Saturday, March 12, 2011

Never too young to be a student

Although a few of us in this house are a bit older than others, we found out today that no matter what age you are, you can still learn valuable life lessons. Today, there were more than a few lessons learned the hard way:

Lesson #1
When you tell your 4 year old daughter (the night before) that "Saturday's the day you get to take out your earrings and put in new ones!", rest assured that she will be by your bed side at 6 AM waking you up by asking "It's Saturday - can we put in other earrings now?"

(The old earrings...the new earrings)

Lesson #2
While grocery shopping at the local Walmart, don't ever say "Wow, we didn't run into anyone we knew" until you are officially in your car and driving out of the parking lot. After managing to do the shopping in less than 30 mins, we were thrilled to be on the way out the door and then ran into 6 different people we knew and talked almost an hour.

Lesson #3
When you punk a new sister-in-law upon her and your brother's return from their honeymoon, be prepared for payback. Today, Aaron and Jenifer returned home from their honeymoon to find a few pranks had been pulled on them...and we're not giving away all our secrets because the final pranks have still yet to be found!!!

Lesson #4
When attending any party or shower (in particular - TWO different baby showers on the same day) try not to take almost 60 pictures without any of them being of the Mommies-to-Be! (Although on a little side note - Congrats to Jamie/Aaron and Loren/Chad...we had a great time at your showers today and love love love you all! Can't wait to meet Little Miss Adelei as well as Brigham and Baylor!)

Lesson #5
When you plan to roll around in the grass, don't wear white capri pants.

Lesson #6
Always plan to roll around in the grass! LOL!

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